Sparkles of Colour Swap

Hi there,

This month’s swap is a Sparkles of Colour swap.   For this swap, we could use any colouring technique, and we also had to add glitter.  I decided to (finally) have a go at the glitter colour technique.   I decided to combine this with my first attempt at an accordion card…and here it is 🙂

Elizabeth Craft Oval Accordion
Cardstock:  SU
Dies: Elizabeth Craft Oval Accordion
Spectrum Noir: CT1, CT2, LV1, LV2, LV3, IB1, CT3
Other: Jac Paper, Elizabeth Craft Daisies in Oval and Roses in Oval Stickers, Elizabeth Craft Warm Diamond Microfine Glitter, Tape

Elizabeth Craft Roses in Oval Sticker

I cut two pieces of Jac paper, slightly larger than the stickers.  Starting with the first piece of Jac paper, I peeled back the top layer to reveal the adhesive.  I then used the piece I had peeled back as a transfer sheet, and placed the Roses in Oval sticker face down (i.e. with the sticky part face up) on the transfer sheet.  I then picked up the Jac paper, and with the adhesive side was face down, placed it on top of the sticker.  Before picking it up, I rubbed over the back of it, to make sure that there were no wrinkles.  I then turned it back over, with the adhesive side face up, and poured the glitter all over.  I burnished the glitter, making sure that the all of the paper was glittered, and that there were no gaps.  I repeated this with the second piece of Jac paper and Daisies in Oval sticker.    I then coloured the glitter, and cut around each of the stickers.

Elizabeth Craft Roses in Oval Sticker

I don’t think I burnished the first lot of glitter enough, as when I coloured it, glitter was coming off onto the markers.  When I coloured the second one, I didn’t have this problem.

Elizabeth Craft Roses in Oval Sticker

I cut two accordion panels, and joined each panel together.  Before joining the ovals, I peeled back the bottom layer of the Jac paper, and adhered one to each panel.  I then joined the ovals together.

Elizabeth Craft Oval Accordion

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