A Green Blend Award

My good friend Kasey has awarded me with the Green Blend award.

Green Blend Award

There are some rules along with accepting this award, none too taxing though.

1) This award is for any ‘Blend’ who has helped your blog in any and all ways.
2) This award is for any ‘Blend’ who has cheered you along in your blog building, craft advancing career.
3) This award is for any ‘Blend’  who always stops by and is kind to you. You can count on them to always be one of the great comments at the end of your posts.
4) This award is to be given to 3 to 5 ‘Blends’ whom you feel meet the listed requirements.
5) Create a post with the terms of use and publish your ‘Blends’ of Choice.
6) ‘Blends’ of choice may copy the award from your blog and proudly post it on theirs.
7) ‘Blends’ of choice may continue the kindness by issuing this award to keep the circle forever growing.

Even though it says to pass this on to 3-5 people, I am just sharing the award with 2 people.

Even though Kasey at Kasey’s Craft Corner presented me with this award, I have to issue her with the award, as she is the one who got me “addicted”, and always has something nice to say about my creations.

Linda at Lovely Linda’s Craft Central is very generous in sharing her techniques, and and as with Kasey, always has something nice to say about me efforts.

Thank you Kasey and Linda for your continued encouragement.  It is really appreciated.

Bye for now,



2 responses to “A Green Blend Award

  1. Awww – thank you Penny – you are so lovely! I love having creative times with you – we all inspire one another! Thansk you for sharing this award! {{{hugs}}}

  2. Thanks Penny, I’m so pleased that you aren’t mad at me for inspiring your creative streak…..I know your shopping trips can be legendary! Now I also know you’re really super good with words……where is your definition of Blend?!? LOL.

    Cheers and Keep on creating!
    Kasey ~ in Oz

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