Christmas Cards

Well, I finally took photos of the Christmas Cards I made a couple of months ago, for a fundraiser I’m supporting.   Here is a photo of all the cards:

Christmas Collection

Christmas Collection

Whilst I was trying to take “group” photo, a spider came out, and kept trying to spoil the shots, here is one with him in it:

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

The spider is on the corner of the card on the bottom left.  I’m not sure where he ended up, just hope he doesn’t surface too soon.

Photos of individual cards can now be viewed on my Flickr link.

Bye for now,



2 responses to “Christmas Cards

  1. Love the cards Penny, you are so talented! Also enjoyed your spider, I currently have one blocking my access to the fridge…

    • Thanks Tricia. I’m not sure about the talented, I tend to keep them fairly simple.
      The spider hasn’t resurfaced (yet). Hope I didn’t pack him away with the cards. And I hope you have finally been able to get to you fridge… 🙂

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