Cardmaking – How it all began for me

I have been making cards for about 2 1/2 years. A good friend invited me to a stamping party (yes it’s like a Tupperware party, but instead of demonstrations of plastic containers, it’s a stamping demonstration with hands on practicals). I hadn’t done any prior to this, and I didn’t really think that I would be interested, I just went to help “make up numbers”.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed myself, it was easy, and my finished product was kind of ok. I figured that if someone like me who was not artistic in any way could make this with no practice, it must be ok. Since then I have been to more parties, learnt more techniques, and spent way too much money on stamps and supplies.

I have not bought a card in over 2 years. That includes the 50 + Christmas cards I have made each year. It’s not that making your own cards is cheaper, it definitely isn’t. But it’s nice to personalise the card for the person you are giving it to. And it’s a relaxing release.

In recent months, I have “spread my wings” a little, and moved away from just stamping techniques, I have now started making some paper tole. Whilst I’m just starting out with this technique, I am enjoying this as well. Paper Tole is known by different names – 3D Tole, decoupage and shaping are just some. Paper Tole involves cutting out sections of multiple copies of the same picture – silicon glue is then used to separate the pieces from one another, to build a 3D image.

Bye for now,



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